Are you intrigued to use physical activity as a tool to better our quality of life?

Are you working in the field of sport and community development?

Do you want to bring your community together in your neighbourhood?

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We have gathered examples that demonstrate tried-and-tested ways of incorporating physical activity, and urban design & city planning through placemaking.

For this purpose we have reviewed and analysed:

  • urban design publications
  • existing placemaking resources, tools, processes, and products linked to the redesign and creation of new urban spaces that are inviting people to be active
  • Global Health Enhancing Physical Activity Campaigns

We motivate you to take these learnings forward into your own work in a public space to bring about more active and connected communities.

Enjoy reading the Let’s Heal our Cities research paper. 

Here you can find some helpful, informative and user-friendly excerpts from the paper:

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