The fourth meeting of the Erasmus+ Sport project Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit project took place in Bucharest between the 11th and the 13th of April 2022 and made it possible for project partners to meet, discuss, outline and move forward toward one of the most exciting parts of the project – the piloting implementation stage.

BG Be Active as a leading organisation of the project PARK was able to co-host successfully the fourth meeting of the partners, together with the Romanian partner AJSPT Suceava. Due to the tense international situation caused by the war crises in Ukraine and the COVID restrictions the meeting took place in the capital of Romania and not in the host city of Suceava, and online in a hybrid format thus allowing easier access to the venue and enabling the participation of representatives of all the partners – the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) – Denmark, Placemaking Europe – The Netherlands, Power Jump – Bulgaria, MOVE Malta, DES – Sports for Education and Health – Spain.

The 3 days of intensive exchange and collaboration led to the finalization of three of the project’s intellectual outputs which would play-test the approach on the ground in Romania, Malta, and Spain and Bulgaria. The participants discussed the implementation tools and guidelines and the first ideas for piloting placemaking for physical activity interventions.

The broad discussion on day 2 of the meeting also focused on the advocacy side of the project and it was of great input and contributive feedback to the guest participants of the Directorate of the Department of Education and Physical Activity in the Municipality of Torres Vedras Portugal who were able to show how another stakeholder outside of the project understands and can give value to the ideas and approaches discussed.

The meeting gave an opportunity, due to the thoughtful and well-planned hosting of AJSPT Suceava, to learn more about the 20 years of history of the association and to put into practice some of their know-how practices for physical engagement and activation in an outdoor environment. The 15 participants who were physically present in Bucharest were invited to take a walk in two of the parks in the city and make flash-mob acts dedicated to the upcoming International NoElevatorsDay – celebrated on the 27th of April and promoting physical activity in the daily routine.

The fascinating piloting part of the project starts from April 2022 and continues to November 2022 and will include also several multiplier sports events to spread the word and enhance the advocacy of the PARK project.  The next meeting will be held in Pontevedra, Spain between 27th and 30th of September in combination with the Placemaking Europe Week – the festival bringing together Europe’s placemaking community.

On the closing day of the meeting, the mission of the projects was outlined once again and the agenda for all the coming activities and deliverables was once again synchronized with it – HEALING our Cities by making them GREENER,  MORE ACTIVE, AND SOCIAL.

Stay tuned for more information and publications.

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